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Holland as part of your European holiday

Holland is one of the 51 European countries. It may be a small nation but it is certainly worth a visit! Holland boasts the world’s highest museum density. In these museums you’ll find works by many great masters. In addition to the museums, you should also visit the flower bulb fields and the windmills, or discover how it is possible that part of Holland is below sea level.

  • Don't miss out on Holland as part of your European trip.
  • A perfect start for your European holiday.
  • Visit windmills, flower bulb fields and Amsterdam.

Holiday in Europe

While on holiday in Europe, you should definitely visit Holland. Schiphol Airport connects Holland to the rest of the world, making it a perfect starting point for your trip through Europe. From Holland it is easy to travel to other European highlights such as Italy, France and Great-Britain – they are all easy to reach by air or railway.

Traveling to Europe

Holland is easy to get to from every continent. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is even the European airport with the greatest number of direct connections! Your European holiday starts in Holland. From here, you can visit many other places in Europe. Are you using Schiphol as a transit point? Make sure to schedule some extra time for a stay in Holland. Spend one day in Amsterdam, for instance, and get on a hop-on-hop-off bus the next day to discover the typical Dutch landscape and old Dutch traditions.

Visit Holland's Capital

What is the capital of Holland? Amsterdam, of course! Amsterdam is the beautiful icon of Holland. With its medieval buildings along the centuries-old canals, and its many works of art in the various museums, Amsterdam is a real must see on your European trip.

Amsterdam is near Schiphol Airport and can be visited in a day or during a European stopover. Do you have a bit more time? Perfect, as Holland has a lot more to offer! Visit the tulip fields in spring, enjoy the beach in summer, or visit the countless Christmas markets in winter.

Holland travel plans

Are you visiting Holland for one or more days as part of your trip to Europe? We offer several suggestions of places you can visit and explore. These tours can be done in one day and you can of course combine different tours. Holland is not very big, but full of history and culture. You can take various trips from your centrally located accommodation.

Holland’s Highlights

Holland’s highlights can be easily visited by public transport. The Holland Travel Ticket allows you travel throughout Holland for an entire day; prices start from €39. Check out the best public transport itineraries here.

Travel plan Keukenhof - Haarlem

From Amsterdam and Schiphol, it is easy to visit the Keukenhof and it’s the perfect outing on a spring day. Travel through the flower bulb fields to Lisse and enjoy the beautiful colors of the flowers. End your day in the beautiful city of Haarlem, where you can enjoy a drink and a meal on a terrace at one of Haarlem’s many restaurants.

Travel plan Typically Dutch

Discover every typically Dutch thing in a single day. Visit the windmills on the Zaanse Schans, have your portrait snapped in the traditional costume of Volendam, and discover the art of cheese making at a real cheese farm.

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