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Enjoy the cold

Go for a bracing New Year’s dive, visit an ice sculpture festival or have a drink at the Icebar. Are you willing to give the coolest activities of this winter a try?

  • Over 36,000 people participated in the 2014 New Year’s dive!
  • On 1 January you can go for a dive at over 80 locations in Holland.
  • A must-do: have an ice-cold beer at -10°C at the Xtracold Icebar in Amsterdam.

New Year’s dive in Scheveningen

It is a thing for the bold and the brave... participating in the New Year’s dive after a festive New Year’s Eve with oliebollen, apple flapjacks and champagne. And yet thousands of people take part in this refreshing tradition in Holland every year. In Scheveningen – which has been the site of the biggest event for years now – over 10,000 people jumped into the icy seawater last year. Will you be one of them this year?

Not just Scheveningen

The New Year’s dive is organised at more than 80 locations throughout the country. In 2014, over 36,000 people participated and each year this number increases. We’d like to warn you, because on average the temperature in Holland is just a few degrees above zero at that time of year and the North Sea will not be much warmer!

Ice sculptures in Zwolle

The Ice Sculpture Festival in Zwolle is another bracing event. Forty ice artists from different countries create beautiful ice sculptures for the festival. You can see them in the attractive historical town centre of Zwolle, so visiting this city in winter is a perfectly cool idea.

Ice Bar Amsterdam

This is most definitely the freshest attraction in Amsterdam: the Xtracold Icebar. Everything is frozen here, from the furniture to the walls and the glasses... You will be helped into special thermal clothing and gloves before you step into the bar, where the temperature is 10 degrees below zero. Once inside, you have 30 minutes to enjoy an ice-cold beer or vodka cocktail. This is a place to put on your must-do list!


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