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Medical Information

You hope that everyone stays healthy during your holiday. But accidents can happen and sometimes you may need medical assistance. Medical care is very well organized in Holland.

Emergency Treatment

If you should be in need of immediate medical attention , call the emergency services (police, fire services and ambulance) at 112. Emergency calls from pay phones are free of charge. Emergency medical services (including transportation by ambulance) are not free and you will be billed for any services rendered to you.

If you are staying in a hotel and you need to see a doctor or dentist, contact the reception desk and they will direct you to someone assigned to that hotel. If you are staying with a friend or family, you are advised to contact their family doctor or dentist.

Dutch Health Care Insurance System

The medical care sector in The Netherlands is based on a referral system which requires patients to see a local general practitioner first. Medical specialists will generally only see those patients who have been referred to them by a general practitioner.

The Dutch National Health Service does not cover visitors to the Netherlands. It is therefore recommended to obtain an estimate of the cost involved before receiving any services. It is also important to telephone the doctor's office for an appointment. 

For more information on the Dutch Health Care Insurance system please see the Dutch Minisitry of Health,Welfare and Sport

Dutch Medical Care

Dutch medical care is of high quality and is comparable to the medical care one finds throughout Western Europe. Diagnostic laboratories and specialists in all fields of medicine are available. Hospitals are well-equipped, and maternity hospitals and many clinics are available. Most doctors and dentists speak English.

Most medicines are available locally. They may not, however, be of the same brand as those used in other countries and prices are generally higher. Tourists should bring a supply of the medicine they know they will need whilst abroad and provide proper documentation.

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