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Money, ATMs & Tipping

Holland is one of the seventeen euro countries. Even though all of these countries issue their own euro coins, all coins and notes are legal tender in all euro countries. There are eight coins (€ 0.01, € 0.02, € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.20, € 0.50, € 1 and € 2) and seven notes (€ 5, € 10, € 20, € 50, € 100, € 200 and € 500). Very few shops, restaurants, etc., accept the € 500 note. Small shops and supermarkets do not accept the € 200 and € 100 notes either. When you pay in cash, the amount is rounded off to the nearest € 0.05.

Bringing Money into Holland

You may bring unlimited amounts of money into Holland. Travelers’ cheques are accepted throughout the country. We do advise you to bring travelers’ cheques in euros, as otherwise you will incur exchange costs.


If you have a foreign bank card with a Cirrus logo you can get money from an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). Some ABN AMRO bank ATMs also accept cards with the PLUS logo. Also check your card and the ATM for EDC, EC and Maestro logos. Of course, you can also use most credit cards to obtain money from an ATM. Even the smallest villages offer many ATMs, which usually operate 24 hours per day.

Banking Hours

Most banks and post offices are open from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Only major banks and post offices are open on Saturday. GWK Travelex is open every day of the week. Most GWK Travelex offices are located nearby train and bus stations.

Changing Money

You can exchange money at banks, post offices and exchange offices in Holland. Many hotels also offer this facility. And, of course, you can easily get money with your debit card from one of the many ATMs located throughout Holland.

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are accepted widely, but not everywhere. If in doubt, ask in advance. Cash-on-card services are available from selected American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and VisaCard addresses. These cards are also accepted by all GWK currency exchange outlets and Change Express Offices.


In The Netherlands, Value Added Tax and service charges are included in your check in hotels, restaurants, shops and taxis. Tips for extra service are always appreciated but not required. It is customary to give taxi drivers and waiters a tip of about 10 percent. Many public restrooms have an attendant who is usually tipped EUR 0,50.

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