National Long distance cycle network

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The National Long Distance cycle routes (or LF routes in Dutch) are perfect for longer bicycle tours and holidays. Read how the cycle network works and view the instruction video here.

  • Top-quality signage throughout Holland
  • 4,500 kilometres worth of bicycle routes for longer bicycle tours and holidays
  • Easily combined with short distance junction routes

If you want to explore Holland by bicycle, you really cannot do without the National Long Distance cycle routes. These routes represent a combined length of 4,500 kilometres and were developed especially for longer bicycle tours and holidays. You can follow individual routes or combine (parts of) them to your own liking. You can also combine them with the ‘cycle junction network’.

How do the National Long Distance cycle routes work?

These routes help you explore the most beautiful landscapes in Holland and are easy to use. Plan your route on the online bicycle route planner or use a bicycle map. You will find signs with the name and number of the route along the way, with an added letter for the direction: A= from west to east and from north to south, B= from east to west and from south to north.

Combining with junction routes

A junction route sign is often posted beneath the National Long Distance cycle route signs. The junction routes represent shorter tours but are also excellent extra detours on your longer National Long Distance route. Furthermore the National Long Distance cycle routes are often dotted with great places to spend the night.

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