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Plan your cycling daytrip

The cycle junction network allows you to plan your day trips in the area quickly and easily and takes you to the best places in Holland. Below you will find a description of how the junction system works.

  • Over 7600 bicycle junctions throughout Holland.
  • Easily plan and ride the best day trips.
  • Bicycle junctions link up perfectly with the National Bicycle Routes (LF routes in Dutch).

The cycle junction system is easy to use. You follow a specific route by following the signs from one numbered junction to the next numbered junction. There is an information sign with an overview map on every junction.

Choose your distance and route...

The system allows you to plan your own route. Write down the numbers of the junctions you want to follow in the right order and you’re good to go.

...and follow the junctions.

You will travel from junction to junction. There is a sign with the number on each junction, which also has a map so you’ll always know where you are and where the other junctions are in relation to your current location. It is very clear and easy and you can always adjust your route if you want to. Please note that the routes between two junctions are always shown in two directions.

Get a regional cycling route map from the local tourist office or download a bicycle junction map from the app store.

Destinations and regions in Holland

Discover Holland’s most beautiful destinations: cities, nature reserves, regions and provinces, everything you need to know can be found here.

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