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Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

So experience even more of Amsterdam, don’t miss the iconic sights and attractions that can be found outside of the city borders. The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket offers unlimited travel on public transport throughout the Amsterdam region, making it the most convenient way to visit the famous flower strip, admire historic fishing villages, explore ancient castles and gain a true sense of Holland.

  • Travel through the Amsterdam region easily with one single ticket.
  • Save money on purchasing multiple tickets for buses, trams, metro and trains.
  • Locate points of interest and inspiration for your journey on the map included with your ticket.

Explore Amsterdam and beyond by public transport

From its charming 13th-century architecture to its cultural and artistic heritage, Amsterdam offers countless things to see and do. The easiest way to tick these highlights off your sightseeing wish list – short of speeding along the cycle lanes with the locals – is with a multi-purpose travel ticket that can be used on all forms of public transport, beginning with your train journey from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket makes travelling through the city simple and convenient. But best of all, this transport card allows you to venture beyond the city’s limits to see some of Holland’s most beautiful sights and interesting attractions, such as nearby Haarlem, grand castles and country houses, beach and beautifully-preserved historic villages.

How to use the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket gives you full access to buses, trams, trains and metro anywhere in the Amsterdam region for the duration of your ticket: options are available for one, two or three consecutive days. When you purchase the ticket online, you’ll receive a voucher by email which you can present at one of the AKO bookshops at Schiphol Airport Plaza in exchange for your ticket. The card is activated from the first time you use it when entering a bus, tram, train or metro. All you need to do is check in and out when entering and exiting each vehicle or means of transportation. Along with your ticket, you’ll receive a map which highlights some suggested routes and sightseeing adventures.

The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket can also be purchased at I amsterdam Visitor Centers and the ticket counters of the participating public transport operators.

Sightseeing highlights

The wider Amsterdam area is home to a great many attractions. In springtime, the flower-growing region comes alive with colorfully striped fields of blooms. Between March and May, the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket also includes transport on the bus that travels to the Keukenhof gardens (Arriva bus 858).

You can travel back in time by visiting the castles and historic country houses dotted throughout the region, including Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot and the Fortress Museum at Naarden. Many of the castles are open to the public and have guided tours available. 

The beautiful city of Haarlem is just a short train ride from Amsterdam Central Station and will easily fill a day with its interesting museums and architecture, as well as excellent shopping opportunities. Train and bus lines will even take you all the way to the coast, where you can swim, sunbathe and relax in the beachfront bars and restaurants at Bloemendaal aan Zee or Zandvoort aan Zee.

With the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket you can also travel to traditional villages such as Volendam and Zaanse Schans, or the famous cheese market in Edam, and see many a windmill along the way.

Experience all the highlights of the Amsterdam region by booking your Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket online.

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We recommend

You'll have unlimited travel by tram, bus, metro or ferry in Amsterdam using the Amsterdam Travel Ticket. Includes train travel from Schiphol Airport to any station in Amsterdam.

Discover the best that Holland has to offer by public transport. The Holland Travel Ticket gives unlimited access to train, tram, bus and metro. Visit cities, theme parks and much more with this useful ticket.

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