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Amsterdam Travel Ticket

Are you planning to visit Amsterdam for 1,2 or 3 days and will you be arriving at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport? Amsterdam Travel Ticket is the easiest all-in-one ticket. The combination ticket offers you a train ticket, bus ticket and unlimited travel on all public transportation run by the Amsterdam transport company GVB.

  • Unlimited travel in 2nd class between Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and any station in Amsterdam by train.
  • Now including the Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397) and Niteliner (bus N97), both operated by Connexxion
  • Unlimited travel in buses, trams, metros and ferries operated by GVB.
  • Buy a 1, 2 or 3-day ticket. Ticket includes a handy map of Amsterdam with highlights

Easy going and all-in-one

Public transport is the ideal way to reach Amsterdam and discover all highlights of the city. The easy all-in-one Amsterdam Travel Ticket is the perfect ticket for exploring Amsterdam. Every ticket includes a 2nd class ticket for unlimited travel from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by NS train, to any station in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397) and Niteliner (bus N97). Combined with unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam on all trams, buses, metros and ferries operated by GVB (Amsterdam transport company), this is the perfect ticket for exploring Amsterdam. NOTE: The ticket is not valid on buses operated by other transport companies such as Connexxion (except bus 397 en bus N97), EBS and Arriva.

1, 2 or 3-day ticket

Three versions of the Amsterdam Travel Ticket are available: 1, 2 or 3-day. The price for the 1-day ticket is 17 euros, the 2-day ticket costs 22,50 euros and the 3-day ticket is 28 euros. That amount buys you a huge amount of ease and comfort and most likely saves you money compared to individual transport tickets.

Buy your ticket at Schiphol

Right at arrival on Schiphol you can buy the Amsterdam Travel Ticket at the NS Tickets & Service counter (main hall at Schiphol Plaza), AKO bookshops and the Holland Tourist Information (arrival hall 2 at Schiphol Plaza). You can also buy this ticket at several hotels and the GVB Tickets & Info counters in Amsterdam.

Travelling with the ticket

The Amsterdam Travel ticket is a paper smart card. With this ticket you will check in at the beginning and check out at the end of every trip. The ticket is valid from the first time you check in until 04:00 hours after the last valid day. With the Amsterdam Travel ticket you travel 2nd class in the train to and from Schiphol Airport to any station of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397) and Niteliner (bus N97). The ticket is also valid on all trams, buses, metros and ferries run by GVB (Amsterdam transport company). You can recognise them by the white and blue colors.

Nice to know: you will receive a handy map that explains how the card system works and shows you also all the attractions of Amsterdam!

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