Cheese farms


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Everyone has heard about, and perhaps tasted, Dutch cheese but few actually know how it is made. Visit a cheese farm to discover every step of the cheese-making process. The craft of cheese-making has a fascinating history and it is an interesting process to see up close.

  • Come to know how cheese is made.
  • Visit the cheese farms north of Amsterdam.
  • Authentic cheeses are there to taste and buy!

Cheesefarms near Amsterdam

There are three cheese farms near Amsterdam: Alida Hoeve (Zeddeweg 1, Volendam), Catharina Hoeve (Zeilenmakerspad 5, Zaandam) and Jacobs Hoeve (Hoogedijk 8, Katwoude). These cheese farms are a twenty-minute drive from Amsterdam and will bring you near the Zaanse Schans attraction and the villages of Volendam, Monnickendam and Edam. They are also a stone’s throw away from the Beemster Polder, a UNESCO world heritagesite.

More than cheese...

The cheese farms offer more than just a ‘peep inside the kitchen’. Depending on the specific farm you choose to visit, you can see craftsmen making wooden shoes or people wearing folk costumes, take part in a cheese tasting session, or evenspend the night. Thefarms are open to the public seven days a week; there is no entrance fee.

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Cheese farms
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