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Weather in Holland

Typically Dutch weather?

Holland has a moderate marine climate and, as such, enjoys fairly mild winters and not-too-hot summers. A secondary effect of the coastal climate is the fact that rain may fall throughout the year. There is no real rainy season and certainly no long dry periods. As a result, many Dutch residents feel that they live in a rainy country. Fortunately, this isn’t true.

  • Experience the seasons in Holland.
  • Enjoy the sun, fall leaves, and mild winter.
  • This is why the Dutch so often talk about the weather.

Location, location

Actually it does not rain all that much... but the idea that it may rain at any time gives you that feeling. The unpredictability is caused by the country’s location by the sea, its lack of mountains and the fact that we are on the divide between hot and cold weather. Depressions may blow in from the sea and are not stopped by mountain ranges.


All in all, Holland has about 700 millimetres of rainfall each year. This is not a huge amount of water. The unpredictability of the weather in all seasons is a more notable feature of the Dutch climate. A hot, sunny month of June may be followed by a wet, grey July. In January we may experience a ten degree frost or rather ten degrees above zero. It isn’t surprising that the Dutch always have something to say about the weather.

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