Experience nature

For a relatively small country, the Netherlands boasts a rich variety of nature. The largest national park is De Hoge Veluwe, which is best explored on one of its thousand free-to-use white bikes. The Wadden Sea is the largest coastal tidal wetland in Europe and on the World Heritage List. You can walk across the sea floor with a guided tour. However, the beaches of Zeeland, the hills of Limburg, the Brabant Sahara (Loonse and Drunense Dunes), Venice of the Lowlands (Weerribben-Wieden) and other nature reserves will also take your breath away.
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Natural areas

The most beautiful natural landscapes of the Netherlands offer a stunning flora and fauna and are moreover an oasis of calm.

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Through natural landscapes

Cycling holidays past lakes, meadows and through beautiful forests

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Beautiful cycling routes through natural surroundings

Come enjoy cycling through nature! Take your pick of beautiful cycling routes throughout Holland.

Spend the night in natural surroundings

Holiday homes in a green environment

Escape the crowds and book a holiday home surrounded by trees and heather.

Hotels in a green environment

A hotel in the forest guarantees the best nature holidays.

Spend a night with royal splendour in a castle

Discover the castles of Holland!