Dinner at the Parc



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Every year, the historic Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum organizes the gastronomic event Dinner at the Parc. The most influential chefs gather from around the world to show off, and let you taste, their culinary arts.

  • 4 magical summer nights at the beautiful Parc Broekhuizen estate!
  • Enjoy the world’s best chefs, unique flavors and dishes.
  • An exclusive night out you’ll never forget!

Dinner at the Parc

During Dinner at the Parc, the best chefs from Holland and the rest of the world gather to prepare their signature dishes. The event concludes with a Kitchen Party, where as many as nine top chefs gather in Parc Broekhuizen’s kitchen to let their guests taste their unique style, flavors and experience. Over 150 unique wines from famous wine houses and newly discovered domains from around the world are presented at the event.

Parc Broekhuizen

After a renovation that took nearly two years, the authentic estate reopened in December 2016. Parc Broekhuizen boasts a gastronomic restaurant. The top chefs have access to a beautiful garden to source ingredients. The estate lies in a beautiful environment at Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, making it a perfect location for an exclusive dinner.         

Spending the night at Parc Broekhuizen

Parc Broekhuizen includes a number of modern suites. The beautiful estate lies in a beautiful environment at some 20 kilometers from the city of Utrecht. The perfect starting point for an overnight stay in natural surroundings.

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Dinner at the Parc
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