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The Eighty Years War started exactly 450 years ago. William of Orange flees to Delft with its strong city walls to lead the revolt against the Spaniards. He was based in the Prinsenhof, which today is Museum Prinsenhof.

  • Discover an important period from Dutch history.
  • See the family portraits, which have been brought back together for the first time.
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William of Orange

Museum Prinsenhof is closely intertwined with the life of William of Orange. This is where he lived and worked during the Spanish occupation. The most tangible evidence from this part of history are the famous bullet holes in the wall that were left after Balthasar Gerards shot William of Orange to death on 10 July 1584.

In the exhibition William The Silent Is Here!, visitors follow in the footsteps of the man who stood at the cradle of Holland as we know it today. Travel back in time and discover where he lived, worked, and took important decisions.


Museum Prinsenhof received a number of portraits from several collections on loan. One of the showpieces is the portrait of Louise Juliana, one of William of Orange’s daughters and the mother of Frederick V of the Palatinate, nicknamed the Winter King. For the first time in a long time, Louise Juliana is reunited with her mother Charlotte of Bourbon, third spouse of William of Orange. All this brought together in the place where Louise was born and both ladies resided for a time.

The paintings are part of a series of family portraits painted by Daniël van den Queborn, which ended up in different collections.

Special: William The Silent is here!

During this exhibition at Museum Prinsenhof Delft, you will discover the beginning and end of this major figure in Dutch history.

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