Day of the Castle


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The Day of the Castle is held every year on Whit Monday. Dozens of castles, country estates and ruins open their doors to the general public. In and around these centuries-old castles many activities for young and old are organized. The Day of the Castle brings history to life.

Knights and Ladies

Castles, with their massive stone walls, high towers and thick wooden doors are usually impossible to penetrate. On the Day of the Castle, however, their doors will swing open and welcome you. Visit the residence of knights and Ladies. Expert guides give tours and highlight interesting details. Outside there are expositions, music and theater performances. Falconers, blacksmiths and troubadours will also be giving demonstrations.

Dutch castles

The Dutch Castle Foundation is responsible for the preservation and the yearly representation of this exceptional cultural heritage. Every year, the Foundation links the Day of the Castle to a different theme. The castles, ruins, country estates and their castle gardens and parks are impressive structures with a rich history, intriguing for visitors of all ages.

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Day of the Castle
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