Dutch artists in Paris 1789-1914



Dutch artists in Paris 1789-1914

Discover the magical attraction of Paris around 1900 in the paintings by these artists.

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From 13 October 2017 through 7 January 2018, the Van Gogh Museum will host the exhibition Dutch artists in Paris 1789-1914. In the 19th century, Paris was extremely attractive to artists throughout Europe.

For the first time, this comprehensive exhibition of over 130 works shows paintings by Dutch artists like Mondriaan, Van Gogh and Van Dongen next to works of their French contemporaries, such as Monet, Degas, Cézanne, and Picasso.

  • See Paris, the city of light, through the eyes of the painters.
  • Discover the way Dutch and French artists influenced each other.
  • Book your ticket online and avoid queues at the entrance.


Even the name is enchanting: Paris, a source of inspiration for centuries now, attracts people from around the world. In the 19th century, an era of huge changes in politics, science and the arts, artists from around Europe traveled to Paris - the place where so many novelties could be discovered.

Artists like Jongkind, Breitner and Van Gogh were drawn by the exhibitions, creative breeding grounds, and momentum generated by the city’s art academies. They traveled to Paris to exhibit and sell their work and meet new contacts. Salons, academies, ateliers and boulevards offered ample opportunities for the Dutch to discover French artists and contemporaries.  

Friendship and mutual inspiration

Inspired by new friendships and different backgrounds, interactions occurred that were expressed in the works of these artists: the Dutch influenced the French and vice versa. Jongkind, for instance, taught the French artists Monet, Boudin and Sisley how to catch light on their canvas. Back in Holland, the people who had traveled to Paris influenced their Dutch painter friends. Isaac Israëls was introduced to French Impressionism by Breitner, for instance, and like Breitner started to depict ballerinas and nudes; motives that were unusual in Holland at the time.

Love story between France and Holland

The exhibition tells the love story between the Dutch artists and the French capital in eight chapters. Each chapter is devoted to a different Dutch artist in Paris. The painters take the visitor along on a journey through a city that is changing, and shows us the French capital through their eyes and experiences. In their representations of the famous Haussmann boulevards, new places around which nightlife revolved, such as Les Folies Bergère, and places like Montmartre, the artists have immortalized the evolution of Paris.

It brings past and present together, since some places in the city are immediately recognizable today, while other places have changed enormously.

The comprehensive exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis (RKD, Dutch Institute of Art History) and the Petit Palais in Paris. Over 130 works by famous artists (like Géricault, Monet, Degas, Cézanne, and Braque) as well as lesser-known artists (Sisley, Breitner, Jozef, and Isaac Israëls) are on loan to the Van Gogh Museum from public and private collections.

Year of France 2017 and Dutch artists in Barbizon

Dutch artists in Paris 1789-1914 is one of the exhibitions organized in the context of the Year of France 2017 at the Van Gogh Museum. Other successful presentations were Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh and Prints in Paris 1900.

Another chapter of this year’s theme is the exhibition The Dutch in Barbizon, which can be seen at the Mesdag Collection in The Hague from 27 October 2017 through 14 January 2018.

We recommend: If you want to see more art, combine your visit to the Van Gogh Museum with the Rijksmuseum, just a short walk away. If you would like to ‘change scenery’ and enjoy the bustle of the market, go for a longer walk to the Albert Cuyp market.

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