Loving Vincent – the exhibition



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Loving Vincent – the exhibition

Experience art and film close up: with Loving Vincent at the museum and in the cinema starting this winter.

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The Noordbrabants Museum will be offering Loving Vincent – the exhibition from 14 October through 28 January 2018. Loving Vincent is the first fully painted animated movie, which is based on 120 paintings by Van Gogh. For this movie, 125 artists brought the famous painter to life with innumerable strokes of their paint brushes. Countless images were painted in this way, which are shown on screen during the 94-minute movie.

The 70 most beautiful images will be on display in an exhibition at the museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, offering a unique glimpse behind the screens of this remarkable animated movie.

  • Take a look behind the screens of an extraordinary animated movie.
  • Try out the “green screen” and step into a painting by Van Gogh.
  • Don’t miss them: the best of the 65,000 hand painted images for Loving Vincent.

An extraordinary movie

Loving Vincent will be the first fully painted animated movie in cinemas this winter. The extraordinary production was presented to the world at the animated film festival in Annecy, France, last June. Based on 120 paintings by Van Gogh, 125 artists created all the images for the movie, using a technique similar to that of Van Gogh. All the frames of the 94-minute movie are hand painted. This involved 65,000 paintings in all, with twelve images shown per second.

It took the makers of the movie, Hugh Welchman and Dorota Kobiela of Breakthru Productions, four years to realize the movie. The trailers for Loving Vincent have been watched millions of times already.

Loving Vincent - the exhibition

The 70 best paintings were selected from the huge number of images. These can now be admired in combination with several video clips and presentations. They illustrate how the paintings were brought to life for the movie. There is also a timeline and a “green screen”, inviting visitors to step into a painting by Van Gogh.

The exhibition shows a unique part of Van Gogh’s life as well as the movie’s production process. The directors Hugh Welchman and Dorota Kobiela are very enthusiastic about this unusual combination of movie and exhibition since they reinforce each other enormously. Even more so because the exhibition will be held in a place in the area of North Brabant where Vincent van Gogh grew up and worked as an artist.

The Noordbrabants Museum is the first and for now the only location that will host the exhibition.

Van Gogh at the Noordbrabants Museum

The Noordbrabants Museum is the only museum in the south of Holland that boasts original works by Van Gogh. They are being exhibited at Het Verhaal van Brabant (the story of Brabant) and more specifically in a pavilion devoted to Van Gogh and his period in Brabant. At present, there are ten original Van Gogh works in the museum’s permanent collection. These are works painted by Van Gogh in Nuenen, the village in Brabant where he spent most of his working life as an artist in Holland.

As such, the museum can tell the story of Van Gogh’s time in Brabant. With its themed exhibitions and presentations, the Noordbrabants Museum in Brabant wants to play a central part in linking the art of Van Gogh and the artist’s cultural heritage, which is distributed throughout this region.

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