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When the first VOC ships returned from the Far East and brought back blue white porcelain 400 years ago, it proved immensely popular among the rich and European aristocracy. Enterprising Dutchmen saw an opportunity and developed their own variation of the blue and white porcelain. This led to the introduction of Delft Blue in Holland. Several pottery factories were established in Delft in the 17th century. Royal Delft is the only remaining one.

  • Imposing portraits, fascinating still lives, and stylish showpieces.
  • Discover the connection between the Golden Age and contemporary trends.
  • Combine your visit with a Delft Blue painting workshop.

Glory and grandeur of the Golden Age

With the exhibition Glorious Delft Blue, Royal Delft is presenting the Delft Blue glory and grandeur of the Golden Age. Through a series of themes, a link between the Golden Age and contemporary showpieces and trends is demonstrated. Every month, additional activities relating to the themes will be organized.

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