Leonardo da Vinci at Teylers Museum

5 Oct - 6 Jan, Haarlem

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2011CH Haarlem

Unique in Holland! Teylers Museum has a collection of real drawings by Leonardo da Vinci on display. In the past, the museum organized extraordinary exhibitions on Michelangelo (2005) and Raphael (2012). This time they focus on the most versatile and famous artist from the Renaissance era.

  • See dozens of original drawings by Da Vinci.
  • Teylers Museum is the oldest museum in Holland.
  • Combine your visit with Frans Hals and the Moderns at the Frans Hals Museum.

Real people show character and emotion

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) was the first Renaissance artist who used ‘real’ people as models for his Biblical scenes. His apostles, angels and figures of Mary are often modeled after people from his direct surroundings. Real people with real emotions. From a beautiful Mona Lisa-like young woman and powerful warriors in the heat of battle to caricature sketches - a curious man, Da Vinci explored the most varied types. His drawings and those of his contemporaries show how far ahead of his time he really was.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper merges all of Leonardo’s knowledge on reflecting emotions and personalities. From the moment it was completed, the mural was famous because of Leonardo’s successful ‘typecasting’ of the apostles and the lively and convincing way in which he caught their varied response to the word of Jesus, ranging from confusion to dismay, surprise, anger and sadness. Never before has an exhibition focused on this aspect of Leonardo’s oeuvre that is so important.

Naturally the original mural cannot travel, but Teylers has set up a special space containing a full-sized replica (4.6m x 8.8m) together with three studies and an extraordinary version of The Last Supper from the monastery in Tongerlo. .

On loan

The dozens of drawings are on loan from the collections of institutions like the Windsor Royal Collection, the National Museum in Budapest, Uffizi in Florence, the Albertina in Vienna, and the Parisian Louvre. In addition to the drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, you can also see works by his followers.

Combine the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition with Frans Hals

In addition to the beautiful drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, there is another big exhibition in Haarlem. The Frans Hals Museum proudly presents: Frans Hals and the Moderns. 150 years after the rediscovery of Frans Hals, the museum has brought together 80 paintings comparing Hals’ own work with the response to his work from the late nineteenth century.

Teylers Museum and Frans Hals Museum offer a combined ticket for both exhibitions at a reduced rate. Available online exclusively starting 22 August 2018.

Important information about access to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

To allow for optimal enjoyment of Leonardo da Vinci, there are time slots for access to the entire museum in the period from 5 October 2018 through 6 January 2019. The first time slot starts at 10:00, the last at 16:30. If you want to be certain you can visit this unique exhibition, book your ticket for the desired time slot well in advance. All visitors (including those with a free or discounted ticket) must purchase a (free) time slot ticket to have access to the exhibition.

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