PAN Amsterdam

17 Nov - 24 Nov

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Every year in November the PAN Amsterdam is organised at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. It draws art lovers with their own style. PAN Amsterdam is special, because it lets you travel through time with art and design from every possible period.

  • One of Holland’s biggest art fairs.
  • Unique art objects, from antiquities to modern art.
  • The works are approved by some 80 independent art experts.

Something old, something new

PAN Amsterdam has sculptures from ancient Rome and Greece as well as contemporary art installations, modern photography and old masters. Past and present are reflected through the most wonderful art works in one single location and in one single day. And if you wish to do so, you can of course buy a work of art.

Buying with guarantee

The quality, authenticity and condition of every single work of art are verified in advance by a team of eighty experts. This means you can buy any work and be certain of its origins. Why not join the 50,000 art lovers, collectors and dealers who flock to PAN Amsterdam every year!

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