Werk, Bid, Bewonder



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Are you curious about art and its connection with Calvinism? Visit Work, Pray, Admire (Werk, bid, bewonder) at the Dordrechts Museum, a must-see exhibition for art lovers.

  • See works from the 17th up to the early 20th century.
  • The exhibition also embraces music, literature, and religious architecture.
  • Discover the true connection between art and Calvinism.

A new perspective on art and Calvinism

With an eye to the theme year Rembrandt & the Golden Age the Dordrechts museum presents Werk, bid en bewonder – een nieuwe kijk op kunst & calvinisme (Work, Pray, Admire - a new perspective on art & Calvinism), an intriguing new exhibition. Enrich your knowledge of art and solve a few longtime myths surrounding Calvinism within the walls of the Dordrechts Museum. In addition to painting, you can also learn more about music, literature, and religious architecture. See the work of painters from the 17th up to the early 20th century, including Ferdinand Bol, Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, Piet Mondriaan, and Theo van Doesburg.

Dordrechts museum

The Dordrechts Museum is one of Holland’s leading art museums, boasting a wide collection of Dutch paintings dating from the 16th century up to the present. With an eye to the role Dordrecht played in the Golden Age, this is an excellent opportunity to visit the museum while looking around the center of Dordrecht, turning the day into a total historical experience.

The exhibition runs from 11 November 2018 through 26 May 2019.

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Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age

Celebrate Rembrandt's life and achievements in Dutch museums during the theme year Rembrandt and the Golden Age.

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A new perspective on art & Calvinism
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