Practical information

Outlet shopping

Up to 70% discounts on everything? Go shopping at one of the outlet centers!

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Tax Free shopping in Holland

VAT Tax Refund, Customs and Duty-free shopping for tourists.

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Tourist information offices

Visit a tourist information office for maps and plans of your destination.

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Progressive Holland

No, we do not have brochures. On our site you can find all relevant information and inspiration for a visit to the Netherlands.

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The standard voltage in the Netherlands is 230V.

The Netherlands has a tolerant drug policy. All drugs are banned, but smoking cannabis is tolerated under strict conditions.

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According to Time Higher Education World University Rankings in 2017, these Dutch colleges/universities are on the list:

1. Delft University of Technology

2. University of Amsterdam

3. Wageningen University

4. Erasmus University Rotterdam

5. Leiden University

6. University of Groningen

7. Utrecht University

8. Maastricht University

9. Radboud University Nijmegen

10. University of Twente

Many of our articles come with a map of the surroundings. You can print and take them with you on your journey. We do not have any available maps. Detailed maps of the Netherlands can be found at gas stations, bookshops or the local tourist office. If you have a smartphone, there are several apps that can come in handy as well.

No, we do not have maps. All places of interest on the site include an address and location.

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Schiphol is Amsterdam's official airport. You can find a map of the airport on the website and Schiphol app.

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Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands, but the language has several dialects. In Friesland, for example, locals also speak Frisian next to Dutch. Frisian is the only truly recognized second language in the Netherlands.

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VVV Offices are local or regional tourist information offices. Maps, entrance tickets and walking tours are all available here.

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The Netherlands is located in GMT +1. The Netherlands also implements daylight saving time during the summer.

Always report this to the local police. Then proceed to contact your embassy or consulate.

Public transport in the Netherlands is very well organized. Almost any place is within easy reach by train, bus and tram.

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You can easily connect to other cities in the Netherlands starting from Schiphol Airport.

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You can buy a regional public transport card at the station or a tobacco shop. You can buy a Holland Travel Ticket or Amsterdam Region Ticket online in advance.

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