Discover the Dutch classics -
Famous Dutch icons

Discover the Dutch classics

Tulips, cheese, wooden shoes and windmills – these are the famous icons that represent Holland abroad. Fortunately you can still see them everywhere, particularly in spring!

  • Try some cheese at the Alkmaar cheese market.
  • Over 600 windmills open their doors on National Mill Day.
  • Spring is the season when the tulips are at their best.

How Dutch can it get? Windmills, cheese, tulips... If you like the Dutch classics, there will be plenty to enjoy this spring. It is the moment when the tulips colour the fields in all their glory and countless other Dutch attractions that represent the highlights of Holland for many tourists open their doors.

Alkmaar cheese market

Every year on the first Friday in April, the Alkmaar cheese market starts. At 10 o’clock in the morning when the bell starts tolling, the cheeses are stacked high and the cheese master inspects the wares. The handjeklap or ‘handshaking’ starts when he is done, after which you will see the traditional cheese carriers with their distinctive walk take the cheese away. If you are in Alkmaar anyway, you should really visit the Cheese Museum as well.

National Mill Day

National Mill Day or Nationale Molendag is held every second Saturday in May. More than 600 wind and watermills and water-pumping stations open their doors to the public. Mills played an important role in developing Holland for many centuries. Discover how on this day. You can visit many wind and watermills and the millers often organise great tours and activities.


Tulip season starts mid-March and ends mid-May, but the tulips are generally at their best midway through April. You can admire the most beautiful tulips at Keukenhof, the world’s biggest flower exhibition. In addition to the world-famous flower-bulb region near Lisse and Hillegom, the Noordoostpolder is also well-known tulip country. During the Tulip Festival you can participate in a wonderful tour past beautiful flower-bulb fields here and visit countless great cultural and culinary activities.


Alkmaar Cheese Market

Apr. 2, 2021 through Sept. 24, 2021 Postponed Alkmaar

Experience the unique theatre of the cheese market in Alkmaar.


Tulip Festival + Tulip Route

Apr. 16, 2022 through May 7, 2022 Lelystad

Discover the longest and most colourful tulip route in Holland.

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