Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam
Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam
Photo: © Iris van den Broek

Food & Shopping

Learn the story behind the dishes and experience food in a totally different way. Eat at unique locations and indulge or stop by a local market and buy rare items. It will not get more urban than this.

Food in Holland

Holland is home to many great restaurants, excellent chefs and regional produce of high, internationally recognised quality. Taste and discover the pure, delicious and honest cuisine of Holland.

It is possible to visit a market every day of the week in Maastricht, where you can browse the seemingly endless wares on display.

Dine in the most special locations in Holland, from Euromast to cookie factory.

Go for a wonderful picnic in the best city parks of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam or Utrecht.

Find out how Rotterdam’s restaurants, chefs and producers are taking an innovative approach to food.

The best restaurants, only in Holland. Find the restaurant that fits you, by region or city, and for any budget, at Holland.com.

Shopping in Holland

We have a broad selection of shopping destinations for you. Experience the Urban vibe in each city.

Explore the most original and exclusive design stores in Rotterdam.

Breda is a great city for shopping, with plenty of wonderful shops, trendy boutiques, and pleasant lunchrooms.

Discover the best shopping centres and department stores in Maastricht.

Discover the best indoor shopping spots in Utrecht.

Buy clothing directly from the designers in the Fashion District.

Eindhoven is a great city for shopping boasting a huge and varied range of shops.