Liberation Route tour packages

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First part of this route (Liberation Route Holland) has already been created and you are already able to offer your clients the opportunity to experience for the first time the multi perspective stories of soldiers and citizens on this central chapter of Europe’s history. Specifically around Operation Market Garden - In September 1944, in an attempt to end the war before Christmas, the Allies launched Operation Market Garden. This was the code name for an enormous allied offensive that consisted of large-scale airborne landings (Market) and an infantry advance from Belgium, through North Brabant towards the Maas, Waal and Lower Rhine rivers (Garden). British, Polish and American airborne troops were ordered to take the bridges over these three Dutch rivers. Despite the fact that this was one of the largest airborne operations in history, Operation Market Garden was only partially successful. After heavy fighting, Nijmegen and large parts of North Brabant were liberated. The Battle of Arnhem, however, was a bridge too far. The winter that followed for Arnhem and the Veluwe was a terrible one.

The Liberation Route Holland runs through the regions of North Brabant, Arnhem-Nijmegen and the South Veluwe, areas that played an important role in the final stages of the WWII. It is a route that takes your clients to over 85 listening points (audio spots), each marked by a large boulder and each with its own interesting and often moving story about the civilians and soldiers who lived and fought there in 1944-45. These audio stories can be downloaded for free as MP3s from our website A Liberation route map outlines where all these audio spots are located, this map can be found on the Liberation route website and in their brochures. The website also provides your clients with details and information on memorials, museums and cemeteries in the vicinity of your visit  as well as photos, videos, teaching packs for students aged between 10-14 years old. Furthermore your clients will also get insight into routes, touristic package deals and events.

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‘The Liberation Route Europe is supported by the vfonds (Dutch National Foundation for Peace, Freedom and Veteran Support)’.