Cheese and Wine tasting

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Our Golden Age Store has a special cheese-tasting room where you can experience the character of Old Amsterdam cheese along with other unique Dutch cheeses.

Amsterdam cheese store

During a 1-hour tasting experience, you will learn what it takes to become a real cheese-tasting master. You will find out how cheese is made and will be able to tell the difference between various kinds of cheese. The highlight of the sampling, of course, is tasting our Old Amsterdam made by Westland Kaasspecialiteiten, a family business that also produces other excellent cheeses that you will taste, such as Maaslander.

The history of our family business and background information about our brands will be presented as well. Old Amsterdam, for example, is sold in more than 66 countries. Although its recipe is a well-kept family secret, the cheese-tasting event will reveal a few hints about how it is made.


The cheese-tasting will take place on the first floor of our cheese store at Damrak 62 in Amsterdam where our cheese-tasting room was designed to take you back to Amsterdam as it was more than a hundred years ago.

The cheeses will be sampled along with a number of specially selected wines that best complement each one. To cleanse your palette between tasting one cheese and the next, we serve fig bread and water.

What is included?

-          A 1-hour cheese-tasting experience
-          Five different kinds of excellent cheese
-          Wines selected by a sommelier to complement the cheeses
- Water and fig bread to cleanse your palette between tasting the various cheeses
-          The history of the Westland family
-          How cheese is made
-          The secrets of Old Amsterdam Cheese
-          An interactive quiz to discover the cheese master of the day
-          A free souvenir to remember your cheese-tasting experience


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