Rotterdam - Home to Europe’s largest port. The city where more than 170 nationalities help create an open and cosmopolitan atmosphere. This buzzing metropolis on the borders of the river Maas has a breath-taking skyline. And whether it is in architecture, the creative sector or the port, Rotterdam is a frontrunner in many ways.

Why meet in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a young, multifaceted and dynamic city. A breeding ground for creativity and trendsetter in lots of areas. The port, its modern architecture and the people create a unique open and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Every day new restaurants, shops, bars pop up all over town making every visit to Rotterdam a unique experience, full of surprises.

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Mr Holland about Rotterdam

Mr Holland knows his way around Rotterdam. He often writes about his findings on our hidden secrets page or on his blog. When you are planning an event to Rotterdam you should definitely read his blog post ‘A day in Rotterdam.

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