Celebrate King’s Day


26 april 2014

This spring, Holland will celebrate King’s Day. There is no doubt it will be a unique festivity, with the best flea markets (or ‘free markets’, as we call them), shows and performances on every square, and that special Dutch brand of good cheer and amicability all around. Make sure to be there!

  • The biggest national holiday in Holland
  • All of Amsterdam goes crazy
  • Experience the typically Dutch orange madness

Our first King’s Day

King’s Day used to be Queen’s Day and is a unique day on which all of Amsterdam turns into one big outdoor party. There is a flea market for children at the Vondelpark, street parties, and shows and performances on every square, while the canals fill up with leisure boats full of partying people. Come to Amsterdam this spring and celebrate this national holiday with us! Most importantly: don’t forget to bring orange clothes and accessories!

All of Holland celebrates

Naturally King’s Day is not just celebrates in Amsterdam but throughout the country. For instance in The Hague, where the entire evening and night before King’s Day are filled with one big party and many shows. Or in Utrecht, which hosts a huge flea market every year. There are big kermissen or fairs throughout the country and every city and village celebrates this unique holiday in its own individual way.

Are you coming to celebrate King’s Day with us this year? Make sure to book your accommodation in time because everything is filling up quickly this year. Check out our offering here and book directly!