A toast to the King’s health!


The Dutch like to drink a glass of Oranjebitter on King’s Day, but also during other festivities relating to the royal family. Oranjebitter is a special beverage that stems from an Orange liqueur that was created in 1620 to celebrate several battles in which Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, was victorious.

Old Dutch recipe

The liqueur, which is orange of course, is made with Beerenburger. This is a savoury alcoholic beverage made from juniper, laurel berries and liquorice root. Orange peels and malt gin are added. The Oranjebitter is ready after ripening for several months.

A little sweeter, please

Today the people are not as charmed by the liqueur’s bitter taste and generally add some sugar to the glass. It is also served mixed with 7-up or orange juice. But on King’s Day you are supposed to drink it pure and toast to the King’s health, naturally!

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