Amsterdam Central Station


Central Station Amsterdam was opened in 1889. Most of the complex was designed by architect Pierre Cuypers and architect-engineer Dolf van Gendt. 

Just like many other buildings in Amsterdam, Central Station was built on wooden stilts, which in the beginning regularly caused subsidence. More than a century later it is one of Holland’s busiest and most reliable stations with approximately 300.000 travelers a day.

Construction of Central Station

Typical for Amsterdam Central Station are the curved roof train sheds. The biggest shed is 45 meter wide. Decorations were added to the trusses and facades.

Until 2018 Central Station and the area around it will be thoroughly restructured. When this operation is completed the Central Station of Amsterdam may use the title: World Class Railway Station.

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Even if you don’t travel via Amsterdam Central Station, it’s easy to visit this historic and lively building. Most local trams, metros and buses stop here.

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