A zoo where the animals rule - that’s the general feel of Apenheul. The apes and monkeys of this zoo are free to roam where they please, allowing you to interact with them in a unique way. A very special experience.

  • Discover this revolutionary zoo as a guest in the world of monkeys and apes.
  • Learn more about these unique animals in the world-famous research centre.

One moment the monkeys are in the branches above your head, the other moment they’re sitting right on top of you! You are a guest between monkeys that walk around freely in this spacious, green habitat. Apenheul is a world-famous zoo that is home to several monkey and ape communities, including gorilla’s, chimpanzees and orangutans.

The Idea behind Apenheul

In 1971, Wim Mager decided to open a park with monkeys that walked around freely. The monkeys started reproducing and the babiess were raised by the mothers themselves, which was unique for zoos at that time. It proved that the monkeys were doing very well. From that time on, Apenheul has developed into a full research center that attracts primatologists and visitors from all over the world.

A Revolutionary Zoo

Visit this revolutionary zoo and come face to face with the monkeys of Apenheul. It’s a unique experience between humans and animals and a memory that will last you a lifetime. Don’t worry about your personal belongings, because you’ll get a 100% monkey-proof bag before you enter their habitat. Do check in advance whether the park is open or not.

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