Basilica of St. Servatius


Maastricht is filled with breathtaking churches, and even has two basilicas. The Basilica of St. Servatius (Basiliek van St. Servaas), which is located on the famous Vrijthof Square, is a Romanesque basilica with crypts and treasures. Pilgrims have traveled to Maastricht to visit the tomb of Saint Servatius for centuries.

The Legend of St. Servatius

The first stone churches in Maastricht were built after the arrival of Saint Servatius in the fourth century AD. After his death, Maastricht became a popular destination for pilgrims. According to the legend, Saint Servatius was the first bishop of Maastricht and a small chapel was build on the spot where he was buried. In the centuries that followed, this chapel grew into the St. Servatius Church.

The Treasury

The mortal remains of Servaas are kept in a box, which is on display in the Treasury of Saint Servatius Church. The skyline of Maastricht was (and still is) characterized by numerous towers of churches and monasteries, such as the Basilica of Our Lady, St. John's Church and the former Holy Cross Monastery.

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