DierenPark Amersfoort


At DierenPark Amersfoort, you can experience close encounters with 1,500 animals. Sometimes, the only thing that separates you from the animals is a pane of glass. Come nose to nose with impressive tigers, stand face to face with curious giraffes and see eye to eye with playful elephants.

Unexpected Highlights

DierenPark Amersfoort offers two attractions which you won’t find in any other zoo:

  • DinoBos: a forest with 75 lifelike statues of dinosaurs from all eras gives you an impression of how dinosaurs lived at that time. You can even try the night experience, if you dare.
  • Koele Knuffels: during a Koele Knuffels (Cool Pets) session at the Zoological Museum you are allowed to pet tarantula spiders and snakes and other reptiles.

Fun and Education

You can visit DierenPark Amersfoort and its many inhabitants all year round. The park welcomes people of all ages. Besides just being a lot of fun, the also park hopes to educate the younger visitors about nature.

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