Eleven Cities Cycling Tour


If the Eleven Cities Tour on ice skates is too cold and too long for you, why not join in the cycling variant in spring. This cycling tour was organized for the first time in 1912 and is ridden every year by a maximum of 15,000 cyclists on Whit Monday.

Maximum speed

The first group starts at 5 AM from Bolsward, after which a new group of about 650 riders starts every 8 minutes. Contrary to the skating tour the Eleven Cities Cycling Tour is not a competition but a real tour. It even has a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. If you ride too fast, you may have to wait at one of the checkpoints.

The ‘cross’

It is still a difficult tour because it passes through each of the eleven cities in the original skating tour – a distance of 240 kilometres in all. Quite a distance for a single day. Cyclists must arrive before midnight if they want to receive the much coveted ‘cross’ pin.

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