Fairs on King’s Day


King’s Day in Holland means flea markets, music performances, processions and street parties. Most cities also have a traditional fair on King’s Day each year. So enjoy a rollercoaster or merry-go-round ride in one of the many towns and cities that have a King’s Day fair.

Many attractions

A merry-go-round, bumper cars, rollercoasters, poffertjes (mini pancakes) and suikerspinnen (literally sugar spiders or candy floss) – if you tire of the traditional King’s Day festivities you can also go wild with the spectacular rides at the fair.

Where is the fair?

Many cities and towns, be they big or small, have a fair around King’s Day. You will find fairs on Dam square in Amsterdam, Grote Markt square in Haarlem, and in Rotterdam and The Hague. So if you plan to celebrate King’s Day in Holland on 27 April and want to catch a ride at one of the fairs, ask your local tourist (VVV) office where to find it.

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