Fancy a cookie?


The Dutch love their coffee and of course enjoy a cookie to go with it. So needless to say, Holland has a long and proud cookie tradition and a broad range of typically Dutch cookies and biscuits. Another notable fact is that different regions have their own cookies. There are ‘Zaanse koeken’ from Zaandam, ‘Enkhuizer koeken’ from Enkhuizen, ‘Deventer koeken’ from the town of the same name, and so on... Fortunately you can enjoy them everywhere in Holland these days.

A flavour for everyone

Popular Dutch cookies include stuffed cookies with an almond paste stuffing, pink cookies consisting of a layer of cake covered in pink fondant, syrup waffles, ‘bokkepootjes’ (goat feet), ‘kletsmajoors’ (gossiping people), Dutch macaroons, and ‘boterkoek’, a heavy butter-based cake. In other words, there is a cookie to everyone’s taste.

Want to try out?

Good cookies are of course available from any Dutch supermarket. But if you have a sweet tooth and want to sample a few Dutch delicacies, a baker’s shop would be your best bet. They make fresh cookies from the best ingredients and you can really taste the difference. 

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