Harbour Festival IJmuiden


August 20, 2016 - August 21, 2016

The Harbour Festival IJmuiden is a cultural and nautical event which takes place in the beautiful fishing harbor each year. You can combine cultural shows and performances with a visit to spectacular ships. The setting of the Harbour Festival IJmuiden makes it a unique event.

Setting of the Harbour Festival

Old factory premises and peculiar ships form the setting of the Harbour Festival IJmuiden. The scenery accommodates a wide range of events like youth and street theatres, concerts of pop, world and classical music, fine arts, poetry and film. You can hear music from every direction all day long, while you visit old and unique ships.

Fishing Village

IJmuiden attracts many visitors throughout the year, all of whom want to enjoy the dunes, beaches and fishing activities. During the Harbour Festival IJmuiden, IJmuiden’s fishing harbor is transformed into one huge festival site. This free event is just a half an hour drive away from Amsterdam.

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