Jelle Zethof


Name: Jelle Zethof
City: Amsterdam
My tip: Palace on Dam square and Jewish Historic Museum

‘I love to meet tourists and give them plenty of fun facts about my city or tell them about our great history.’

Born and raised in Amsterdam

As a native from Amsterdam, I know better than anyone how the city works and what its attractions are. I like traditional stuff like ice skating on the canals and visiting museums, but I definitely also enjoy a night on the town, having a drink in this pub and that.

My tips:

As a tourist in Amsterdam I would really want to visit the Palace on the Dam square (Paleis op de Dam). This wonderful building is still the real city hall to me and without a doubt, it is the most monumental building in the city. I also love the Jewish Historic Museum, which consists of three buildings: the Portuguese synagogue, the Dutch theatre (Hollandsche schouwburg), and the museum itself. It is very impressive!

Jelle is the man who optimises the website and makes sure the right picture goes with the right talk.

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