Climbing, turning, twisting and slinging – Europe’s biggest playground, Linnaeushof, has over 350 play structures and recreational attractions. Children can spend days here. Every year more than 300,000 visitors are drawn to the special play areas for toddlers, smaller and bigger children. There is wheelchair-accessible equipment as well, such as a merry-go-round, seesaw and sand play house. Linnaeushof is located in Bennebroek, a 15 minute drive from Haarlem. It is a paradise for every child.


Linnaeushof believes in autonomous play, moving and using your imagination. As a result the playground has no fair-like attractions or long queues. The children have fun on trampolines, cableways, water bikes, mini golf tracks and the super slide. The pirate’s nest with long hanging brides suspended high above the water is truly spectacular. Children can also train their muscles in the special sports play corner.

Toddler land

There is also a separate playground for toddlers, which is cosy and well-structured so you can never lose sight of your child. The little ones have their own jumping castle in the special toddler playground. There is all kinds of climbing, swinging and turning equipment, a toddler village and a big sand play area. This is also where you will find the little house of Bennie Broek, the jumping rabbit who is the Linnaeushof mascot. The toddler garden even has Dreumesland for very young children.

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Rijksstraatweg 4
2121AE Bennebroek

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