Loving hearty winter dishes


The Dutch love their winter food! Indeed, Dutch cuisine is famous for its characteristic winter dishes. ‘Hutspot’ (mashed potatoes with carrots and onions), ‘zuurkool’ (sauerkraut) or ‘andijviestamppot’ (mash with endives), as well as ‘snert’ (a thick pea soup) or ‘rookworst’ (smoked sausage) are typically Dutch dishes for those cold winter evenings. Fortunately these typically Dutch and hearty dishes are available year-round from countless restaurants so you can enjoy them any time.

Original food

The Dutch are traditionally Calvinist hard workers. This meant that after a long hard day on the land, they needed good, hearty fare. Potatoes, meat and vegetables in particular, since no country in Europe emphasises the importance of eating your veggies as much as the Dutch. It’s easy to see why ‘stamppotten’ (usually mashed potatoes mixed with a variety of vegetables) and pea soup have come to play such an important role in Dutch cuisine.

Hearty fare

If you plan to visit Holland, don’t forget to sample the traditional hearty flavour of our winter dishes. After a hard day shopping, walking or cycling, relax in one of the many restaurants that serve typically Dutch winter dishes. You will soon understand why the Dutch are so tall! Ask the local tourist (VVV) office for advice on where to find the best winter fare.

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