The Maastoren is not only the tallest building gracing the skyline of Rotterdam, it also happens to be the tallest building in Holland and the Benelux. The Maastoren is 161.2 meters high (529 feet), but you can actually add another 20 meters (65 feet) if you include the roof structure and the mast. If you are leaving the city center, driving across the Erasmus Bridge, you will see the Maastoren rise up on your left.

Construction of the Maastoren

The development of the Maastoren started in October 2006, and in May 2010, the highest tower in Holland was completed. The choice of the name, the Maastoren, was quickly made. The tower occupies a prominent location right on the Maas River, and in fact, part of the river was even drained for construction. The building was designed by the architectural firm of Odile Decq Benoit Cornette, in cooperation with Dam & Partners. The 44 floors house various offices and a parking garage.

Visit the Maastoren

It’s easy to combine a visit to the Maastoren with other highlights in the immediate vicinity. Take a stroll down the Wilhelmina Pier, for example, where ships used to set sail for New York, and which is currently the location for various unique architectonic structures. If a cultural experience is what you’re looking for, visit the Luxor Theater, and enjoy a delicious lunch in the nearby Hotel New York.


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