Molen de Adriaan


In the heart of Haarlem, the Molen de Adriaan is a smocked windmill that sits on the scenic Spaarne River. Originally built in 1778, it has recently been rebuilt after fire damage in 1932. A tour provides information about how windmills in general work and uses models and presentations to explain how various machines can be powered by wind. Visitors will likely be amazed at the versatility of these mills and how important they were for the communities that had them. The sight of old Haarlem from the platform above the river is truly stunning and not to be missed.

History of the Molen de Adriaan

The original site of the windmill is also the foundation of the tower that defended the center of town. It was used to produce cement, paint, and tan and later converted by new ownership into a tobacco mill. For centuries this was one of the most stunning windmills in Holland. When it burned in 1932, a central focal point of the city was lost. It took seventy years for the efforts of local citizens to produce enough money to rebuild the mill.

Visit the windmill on the Spaarne River

Enjoy a guided tour of the Molen de Adriann on your visit to Haarlem. The mill can be seen in use on Saturdays if weather permits, and is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for tours. The town is small, and while there is parking available, walking the streets of the town is pleasant—Haarlem is only a 15-minute train ride from Amsterdam. A canal tour of the town will show you the various sites from the water. A gentle stroll to the mill is no problem at all.


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