Museum Boerhaave


Museum Boerhaave introduces you to the history of medicine in an impressive manner. The collection includes thousands of objects, images and books, often centuries old. View the skeletons and microscopes, attend a lecture in the reproduction of an 18th century lecture hall, and meet Herman Boerhaave. Museum Boerhaave is a great experience for people of all ages.

Herman Boerhaave

Museum Boerhaave in Leiden was named after Herman Boerhave, a Dutch physician, professor and Rector Magnificus (Chancellor) at Leiden University. In the 18th century Boerhaave was renowned even in China for the way in which he practised and taught medicine. Not only did Herman Boerhaave (1688-1738) discover many new things, he was also an inspiring teacher. He was an advocate of ‘teaching at the bed’ and autopsy and took his students on a journey through the world of medicine. Even Tsar Peter the Great attended one of his lectures.

Boerhaave collections

When visiting Museum Boerhaave you will discover several collections that represent five centuries of natural science and medicine. Take a tour to explore a broad range of fascinating objects and hear exciting stories. In fact Museum Boerhaave is one of the highlights of Leiden that you shouldn’t miss.

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