Netherlands Open Air Museum


The Netherlands  Open Air Museum in Arnhem features eighty historic houses, farms and windmills. The museum has been designed to create a highly realistic impression of daily life for the average Dutchman over the past few centuries.

  • Take a walk through Holland one hundred years ago.
  • Explore the immense collection and discover Holland’s past.
  • Roll up your sleeves and help the artisans with their ancient crafts.

Put to Work

The Netherlands Open Air Museum has a great line-up of pictures, clothing, toys and many other objects from the past. But remember: this isn’t an ordinary museum. The wheelwright, blacksmith, fisherman, miller and many farmers are waiting for you and they can use an extra hand. So prepare to do some honest labor before you get a chance to taste some of the traditional Dutch foods and drinks.

Experience Dutch History

Fun! There is no better word to describe the Netherlands Open Air Museum. The museum teaches children about the Dutch way of life of a few hundred years ago in a fun and active way . Adults can easily let their kids wander around while they themselves enjoy an old-fashioned cup of coffee or a beer.

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