The province Noord-Brabant (or Brabant) is located in the south of the Netherlands. It has a reputation for being a province with friendly people who know how to enjoy the Burgundian way of life. More than that, it has a wealth of history and culture, theme parks, nature, shopping and nightlife.

Highlights of Noord-Brabant

The cultural highlights of the province Noord-Brabant are the Jheronimus Bosch Art Centre, Van Abbemuseum, Audax Textile Museum, Graphic Design Museum and the Design House. Den Bosch and Breda offer great historical monuments, including cathedrals, city walls and beguinages.

The people of Noord-Brabant know how to amuse themselves. The province holds the largest theme park (the Efteling) and safari park (Beekse Bergen) of the Benelux. Even the Noord-Brabant nightlife is rich and varied, with numerous bars and restaurants with outdoor seating areas and the longest nightlife street of the Benelux in Eindhoven.

Visit Noord-Brabant

That there is no reason to get bored in Noord-Brabant speaks for itself. Just in case you want to escape the crowded cities, you can always flee to the Loonse and Drunense Dunes (the Brabant Sahara). The province’s culinary speciality comes from Den Bosch, where they make a pastry with chocolate and whipped cream called a Bossche Bol.

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