Music sounds throughout the summer in Oostkapelle! This village is bustling with activities and markets. The puppet theatre is a great favorite with children and the pavement cafes always seat a happy crowd. Climb the stairs up the tower and enjoy the amazing view of the scenic area and polders of Walcheren.

Castle Westhove

You don’t have to spend all your days sailing, fishing, diving, surfing or sunbathing at the beach of Oostkapelle. You can also rent a bike and explore the polders of Walcheren. Visit castle Westhove and perhaps even spend the night there, as it has been transformed into a hostel. In the 18th century greenhouse museum Terra Maris is located about the nature and landscape of Zeeland.

Costume shows

Traditional costume shows are organized regularly for visitors to the village. Steeped in nostalgia, imagine yourself in former times with men wearing black clothes and women in the most amazing head gear sporting little mirrors. Did you know for example that every village in Zeeland used to have its own particular head gear? Find out during your stay in Oostkapelle!

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