Parking in Rotterdam


If you are taking a car to Rotterdam or plan to hire one for the duration of your stay, it is important to pay attention to the parking arrangements. You will need to pay for parking throughout the city centre, and the rates may vary.

Parking outside town

You could opt for a covered and supervised car park but a parking space on the street will also cost you money. The ‘P + R’ car parks just outside the city are easy and low-cost. You can park your car here and then take the bus or metro to the city centre.

Don’t forget to pay!

There are parking metres that tell you exactly how much and how to pay throughout the city. Make sure you heed them because the city pursues a strict parking policy. A parking fine may be imposed but depending on where you parked your car may also be towed away. This is a costly and unpleasant surprise that we are sure you’ll want to avoid!

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