Public transport in Rotterdam


If you want to get around in Rotterdam easily and cheaply, we recommend using the public transport system. There are trams, buses, a metro line and even water cabs that take you from one part of town to the other very effectively. Many services operate several times per hour so you never have to wait for long.

Day ticket

If your stay in the city is short, buy a day ticket for 1, 2 or 3 days for unlimited travel by tram, metro and bus. They are activated at the first check-in. Please remember to check in and out every time, or your day ticket will not be valid. A fine may be imposed in that case.

OV chip card

You can also pay for your ride with an OV-chipcard. For tourists, we recommend buying an ‘anonymous’ OV-chipcard. These cost €7.50 and are available at railway and bus stations, kiosks and many supermarkets. You can use them directly.

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