Renting boats


Renting boats in Holland can be a wonderful way to explore the cities and countryside more fully. Because most of the Netherlands is below sea level, canals, rivers, and transportation methods that utilize them have been popular throughout history. For example, boats in Amsterdam can serve as taxis, restaurants, and even houses. Renting a canal boat complete with a captain is a suggested alternative to the train for seeing this country up-close.

You are the captain

In every city that has canals it is possible to rent a motor or rowing boat and take yourself on a canal tour. Or, in some areas, you can rent a paddle boat for the same purpose. Charter tours will take you on short jaunts around the city canal system, or you can rent a private cruise, sometimes including a romantic dinner. To find the best boat rentals in any city, contact the local tourist information office: they will have the precise recommendations to fit your needs and your budget.

Bow and stern

If you are visiting Holland, renting a boat can be one of the best ways to get closer to the people and the culture. The canals in many ways serve as Holland's highway system. The fact that some of the rental packages come with their own captain (and sometimes cook) means that you can be adventurous without necessarily knowing the difference between the bow and the stern. Seeing and understanding the city from a boat grants you a whole new perspective, and gives you a rarified view of Holland.


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