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Name: Sander Hey
City: Amsterdam
My tip: Proeflokaal Wynand Fockink
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‘The art of travel is feeling at home everywhere you go’

Travelling with tips from locals

Travel is one of my favourite activities, and city trips in particular. Like everyone I have my favourite cities: Paris, Bangkok, as well as Amsterdam. I know them fairly well now and it’s only now that I realise how much time it took me to get to know these cities. I spent hours, days trawling through them to discover the great neighbourhoods, hotels, restaurants and cafés. Often I only found them with tips from the locals.

This is why I like writing for – it allows visitors to Holland to find the right information and get to the best places quickly. I would like to offer a few tips for hidden cafés in Amsterdam that you won’t easily find as a tourist, but which are definitely worth a visit.

My tip:

Proeflokaal Wynand Fockink. Try the old Amsterdam liqueurs in a 400 year old distillery. It is in a well hidden spot near Dam square. Other great sports are In 't Aepjen on the Zeedijk or The Tara on the Nes.

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