Shipyard De Delft


At one of the docks of Rotterdam, a special project is taking place. Warship ‘De Delft’, that sank to the bottom of the North Sea in the eighteenth century, is being reconstructed. It’s the largest reconstruction of a wooden warship in Europe. Take a tour and discover more about the history and the reconstruction of the ship, and its importance for future generations.

Reconstructing a Warship

You can visit the shipyard and see how dozens of volunteers and students are working on the reconstruction of De Delft six days a week. It will take quite some time before the 63 meters long warship is back to its former glory, but the ship is already an amazing sight. Besides the warship, you can also visit an exhibition and a film presentation.

Day at Delfshaven

Combine your visit to De Delft with the eponymous restaurant, which overlooks the busy river Meuse. The historic area ‘Delfshaven’, where the ship is located, is a nice place to walk around. The warship enables you to relive old times and is of great importance for future generations.

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